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Article I: NAME

Whitney Area Miniature Aircraft Club

The club shall be known as (WAMAC)


PO Box 1721

Whitney, Texas 76692-1721


To Further the Sport of Model Aviation.

To promote SAFE flying practices in the sport of model aviation.

To promote public service and tourism in the Lake Whitney area.


Article III: Membership


Current and validated membership in the AMA is required.

Only those persons of good moral character shall be considered for membership. An application for membership shall only be approved by a unanimous vote of the membership present at a regularly scheduled meeting. Those candidates awaiting acceptance by AMA

may be approved for membership contingent their approval by AMA.

Any member of this club who ceases to be eligible for AMA liability insurance is immediately and automatically suspended from the right to use club facilities and to participate as a pilot in WAMAC sponsored activities and must immediately notify the President of WAMAC of the disposition change.


Dues and their amount and payment are to be established at a later date by a majority vote of the membership at large.


Effective Feb. 12, 2009

These following additions and clarifications are made to the By-Laws of the Whitney Area Miniature Aircraft Club as voted and approved at a regularly scheduled meeting.

DUES---The annual standard adult flyer Club dues are $25.00 and are effective from January 1 till December 31 of that calendar year. After the sixth month of the year the amount of dues for a new member may be prorated at the discretion of the Club.

The club has established a spouse associate membership for the spouse of any full flying member, with their annual dues set at half that of a full membership.  These members will have the right to vote an issues brought up at any regular meeting and the right to act as secretary or treasure in place of official elected officers.  These members will be non-flying members unless they choose to join the AMA as flying members.

Youth memberships will be allowed at no charge for young people under the age of 19 years as of July 1 of the current year and that are sponsored by an adult paid full member. Those youth members are still required to fulfill the membership requirement of being a current member of the AMA.

WAMAC will allow a Flying Associate Membership.

The Associate membership will be for those who live outside a forty mile radius from the field. Those who apply for this membership will have no formal voting rights in regard to policy making within the club. The amount of dues for the Associate Membership will be $12.50 per year with no mid-year discount. Associate dues will cover membership from January 1st till December 31, of that year.

If a member has not paid his/her annual dues by Mar. 1 of the current year their name will be removed from the official roster until said dues are paid in full.


A member in good standing may resign his/her membership by giving written notice to the club.


If any member ceases to have the qualifications necessary for membership in the AMA, his/her membership in the club shall there-by terminate. If any member of the club should display actions not in keeping with the best interest of the membership at large his/her membership will then terminate. Either of the aforementioned circumstances may be reversed after the circumstance has been eliminated and membership restoration is voted upon by a 2/3majority of the membership present at a regularly called meeting. Enforcement of the EXPULSION action will be carried out by a club officer as instructed by a 2/3 majority vote of the members present at a regularly scheduled meeting.

Article IV: Officers

A. Officers will consist of President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer

B. Term of Office will be annual election.

C. DUTIES of the Officers are as follows: President shall preside at meetings the Vice President will preside in the absence of the President. The Secretary records the minutes of the meetings. The Treasurer will handle the funds of the club and account for all funds collected or paid out by any member in the name of the club, as well as retaining bills or receipts for all expenditures.

D. Appointed Officers will be the Safety Officer, Field Marshall, Committee Chairpersons, Program Chairman and Contest Directors

E. Vacancies will be filled by a vote of the remaining officers.  

F. The annual nominations of officers will be accepted during the Nov. meeting and the election of officers will be held during the Dec. meeting of the current year.


A. The regular scheduled meetings of the Whitney Area Miniature Aircraft Club shall be held on the Second Thursday of the month unless prior arrangements are made and due notification given to the membership

B. Special Meetings will occur on an "as needed" basis at a time to be determined.


A. Club proceedings will be recorded and kept by the elected Secretary.

B. All records are passed on when new officers are elected.


Standing Committees will be appointed by the Officers of the club and will report to the membership at the scheduled meetings.

Special Committees will do their tasks and report to the membership at the call of the president.

- By-Laws