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Whitney Area Miniature Aircraft Club

Funtanna No. 1.3  (My first and third Funtanna S40 reconstituted)
-  Steve’s Hangar

This was a winter 2015 -2016 building project.  I repaired the wing of Funtanna #1, replacing several ribs. I also acquired the wreckage and the installed Saito.72G from another pilot’s disaster.  The fuselage haves were reattached and repaired.  The Saito .72G needed a new plug, needle valve straightening, valve adjustment, good cleaning and tuning.  A new exterior trim finished the project.  The first flight required no trim - flew straight and true.  After several flights, tuning, and discarding some bad fuel, the .72 seems to perform a good as my .82s slinging a MA 14X6 prop over 8K and idling at less than 3K on 15% PowerMaster Air MEAN & GREEN.