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The purpose and mission of WAMAC is to:

1. Bring together those people who are interested in and are dedicated to the art of constructing and flying radio controlled and control line model aircraft.

2. Promote safety in flying model aircraft.

3. Promote and supervise sport and contest flying and to judge the outcome of any flying competition in accordance with the rules and regulations as adopted by members of the AMA.

4. Promote public service and tourism in the Lake Whitney area.

Whitney Area Miniature Aircraft Club (WAMAC) is is a non-profit organization, chartered by the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA).  Charter number: 4599.

All funds received from club dues, fees, donations and other activities shall be used to benefit The Club and it's members in fulfilling The Club's purpose.

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Club Officers For 2018

John Miller          -President

Robert Smith      -Vice President

James Fletcher    -Treasurer

Juannelle Miller    -Secretary

Jim Guest           -Safety

Steve Kifer         -Webmaster

Elli Mae              -Chief Mascot

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