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These are some of the safety rules from AMA, IMAC, and some good old common sense.

 • No standing in front or directly to the side of a running nitro or gas plane’s propeller.

   (For electrics the same goes for running or not)

 • Start Nitro and Gasplanes with the propeller facing away from the shelter or start them

    in the pits.

 • No smoking inside of the pits at all. (Especially with Gas or Nitro present)

 • Those with gas powered planes must have a fire ext. in the pits at all times.

 • Two people preferred to madden a new plane, (One to do the flying and the other to


 • No one in the air after a plane experiences a sudden acute jump in gravitational

   forces, gravity check, or a good     old plane crash.

 • Fly outside patterns at end of runway when someone is on the field to retrieve a dead


 • The use of a throttle lock on radios equipped with them should be used.

 • Do not taxi past the engine kill box.

 • Do not fly over or behind the pits, spectators, vehicles, and/or the shelter. If plane is

    out of control, ground it by     any means possible to avoid damage to property or


 • Do not fly alone - always have with you another pilot or safety observer in case of accident or injury.

New Plane Checklist. Safety-2. Safety.