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Midwest Sport Scale P-51 Mustang with Fox .45BB Glow Engine (1980 vintage)

This kit was purchased around 2001 at a salvage store - the box was smoked and the canopy had melted.   It was my first nitro model since around ’94.  Midwest put this kit out many years ago as an easy to built and easy to fly semi-scale - looks like a P-51.  During construction I fitted it with mechanical retracts and bomb racks.  It was covered with flat olive green Super Monokote on top and aluminum Super Monokote on the bottom.  The Monokote was then air brushed with Patra fuel proof dope.  Later touch ups I switch to using water based acrlyic paints from Hobby Lobby or Wal Mart.  I  completed construction in spring 2005.  This model flies great and the Fox purrs like a top.  It is light so I refrain from flying in gusty wind.  The bomb racks work pretty well for an homemade contraption.  It is a survivor - after one major crash, two or three minors, and countless landing gear ripouts.  It now has a new 2.4Ghz receiver mated with a transmitter program that makes the bomb racks easier to manage. Currently in the repair que for another main gear re-installation.
Top Flight (Red Box) P-47 Thunderbolt with a Saito .82 4-Cycle Glow Engine.

This kit was a Christmas gift in Dec 1983.  The fuselage and wing were framed up in Turkey during ‘84-’86.  It then inhabited several attics until the the Mustang was completed in 2005. It first flew in 2006 with a SuperTiger .61, an ASP .61, a Saito .80, and finally a Saito .82.  The .82 was just what this big heavy plane needed with plenty of power for conservative flying.  The kit builds with total balsa sheeting.  I covered the balsa sheeting with fiberglass cloth and finishing epoxy.  Then I tried several different types of paint with disastrous results.  The model was fitted with retracts and bomb racks.  Currently in the repair que for a cosmetic repair and a new finish..
Funtanna No.2 with a Saito .82 4-Cycle Glow Engine - the best flying plane I’ve ever owned

I acquired this Hangar 9 FuntannaS40 ARF at the 2008 Denton Swap Meet .  It  was in excellent condition.  I also acquired another, little used, Saito .82 for it.  It was my second Funtanna 40 and I was able to apply lessons learned from the first one, Funtanna No.1 - mainly don’t try to fly through trees.  I beefed up the landing gear mounting block so the gear/wheels wouldn’t fold back into the wing during a rough landing on a rough surface.  This Funtanna does not exhibit the tendency to snap off one wing during a high landing round out as No.1 did.  It can take off on high idle and climb vertically out of sight with the Saito slinging an APC 14X6 at up to10,000 rpm.  Does pretty rolls, snap rolls, spins, and in/outside loops and is gentle and stable in the landing pattern. The contrasting colors on the wide wing is good for my dim eyes.  It’s performance really deserves a more skilled pilot - I rarely switch from low control rates.  I added brakes for better ground control, foam wing tips to protect the wing tips during rough landings on asphalt, and 3-aixis stabilizer for gusty windy days.
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