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Midwest SuperHots with an ASP .61 2-Cycle Glow Engine

I acquired this partially constructed Midwest SuperHots at the 2009 Weatherford Swap Meet.  It was already skillfully  framed up, but needed tank, covering, etc.  I finally started work on it in winter 2010 and finished it early July 2011.  It was covered with a white Super Monokote base and whatever covering scraps I could dig up for the trim.  The cockpit/pilot and AMA number were printed on clear inkjet adhesive paper and sealed.  It was initially fitted with a SuperTiger .61 which proved to be unreliable in flight (later a JCF club member fixed it by adjusting the carburetor when it was on my No.1 Funtanna).  I replaced the ST .61 with the ASP .61 acquired from Indy RC around 1994.  Since the ASP was several ounces lighter, I moved the rudder servo forward to the battery compartment to correct the balance.  I also fitted it with mechanical brakes to enable stopping on the concrete ramp and later added foam wing tips to protect the tip ribs from rough landings on the asphalt during windy days.  The SuperHots flies great - solid in the air but a little touchy on the ground with the short coupling of the gear.  It won’t go unlimited vertical like my Funtanna - maybe it needs a Saito .82 too.  The reviews indicate that this Midwest kit is a little heavier than it needs to be or than many scratch builds but that probably makes it more durable.  Now has a 3-axis stabilizer.for windy days.