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E-flite Jenny JN-4 Slow Flyer ARF

Acquired this ARF from Bobby in January 2012 and installed a TURNIGY 2204-14T 19g Outrunner and a Hyperion 2S 25C 450 mAh Lipo, also from Bobby.  It has a 10 Amp ESC and a Hobby King GT-2  2.4Ghz 3 Channel receiver.  This turned out to be a great indoor gym flyer.  With a 32” wingspan, it’s a little tight in the gym; but, with TH9X transmitter with the er9X firmware upgrade, I can auto trim it to fly hands off circles between the goals.

Great Planes ElectricFly Sopwith Pup

This nice looking ARF was acquired in May 2012 from one of Tower Hobbies special deals.  It’s very light and a little flimsy.  With a 30” wingspan, I thought it might be a slower flyer than the Jenny and a little easier in the small gym.  After moving the CG forward a bit this became a good gym flyer and requires slightly less room than the Jenny.
Modelair-Tech Elipstick 260

Acquired this kit NIB at the 2010 Denton Swap Meet.  It was a kit of balsa sticks rolled up in plans and covering film.  I finally got enough nerve to build it in Dec 2011.  It weighs less than 6 oz with Exceed-RC Alpha 250, 2 micro servos, 8 Amp ESC, receiver, and 450 mAh 2S lipo.  Flight tests demonstrated good model stability; but, difficult visual tracking due to the model’s unusual shape.  It’s faster than expected but has flown successfully outdoors and in the gym.  It is also very fragile because of the stressed (curved) balsa spar and leading edge.  An interesting building experience; but, not a fun fly.  Retired intact.
EP (Electric Powered) Planes
Junk Bin Slow-flyer

My daddy taught me to never throw anything away - you should have seen the possibilities in our junk pile back on the farm.  The Junk Bin Slow-flyer has a wing from a long ago destroyed GWS Pico Stick F, the carbon fiber fuseladge tube from a longer ago destroyed Tiny, and tail feathers from scrap foam from another kit.  A brushless motor, some thread, electronics, and a lot of super glue, and the junk flew again -until a tight loop was attempted. RIP.   The electronics were recycled to a foam Mini-JAR.