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An exciting and durable model of foam, carbon spars, and strapping tape, covered with packaging tape.  With a 2200 mAh 3S battery, HB2815 2000 brush-less in-runner, and 5.5” prop, it screams.  A little tricky on launch; but, durable enough to survive low speed cartwheels and rough landings with no damage.  Acquired in 2005, still flyable.  Fast and maneuverable; but susceptible to roll coupling.    Recommended for better blood circulation.
GWS Pico J-3 F

I bought the slope flyer version of this kit from GWS.  I is unpainted white foam and does not include the motor.  I added strapping tape to the leading and trailing edges on the bottom of the wing and the horizontal stabilizer and paint it with craft paint.  I use a CDROM type brushless motor and a 450 - 800 mAh Lipo battery.  This one is set up for a small camera for aerial photos.
TH9X 2.4 GHz Radio System

This one is the FlySky TH9X (the Turnigy 9x is almost identical) and has an open source processor and firmware.  There is a forum and quite a following on this radio, just Google 'er9x'.  Following the forum guides, I was able to successfully modify it with a PC interface and upgrade to the er9x firmware.  The er9x language is understandable, logical, and you can re-program any switch and set logic conditions.  For my P-47 I've programmed the three position switch to be: Position 1- Flaps, 2-Left Bomb, 3-Right Bomb and another switch, convenient for the left hand to be the actuation switch (or pickle).  Another switch is programmed for trim reset - when I hit this switch all the flight trims reset to center.  I demonstrated this with my EP Jenny in a gym, trimmed it up for a circle that would stay between the goal posts, hit the switch, and hands off the Jenny keeps going around in a big circle without hitting anything.  Plus you can program or  backup everything or program with you PC.  I installed a 1500mAh 9.9 volt LIFE (Lipo4) battery and it keeps the charge - always ready for the field.