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The Funtanna X 50 with a Saito .82 4-Cycle Glow Engine

During the bad weather days around Christmas 2012 I started assembling the Hangar 9 ARF which was given to me by a friend in the Denton club at the 2010 swap meet there.  I tried to apply the lessons I had learned with Funtanna #1 and #2 (#2 is still operational, but in bad need of some refurbishment).  I added extra plywood to the landing gear mount, reinforced the fiberglass cowl at the mounting holes, and located equipment to eliminate the need for balancing ballast.  I also installed a voltmeter, altimeter, instrument panel cutout in the cockpit, and wing tip plates made from foam board.  The model comes with nice large side force generator (SFG) plates to bold on the wing tips; but I prefer smaller expendable foam ones to protect the wing tips and enhance stability during landings.  With those exceptions, I pretty much carefully followed the Hangar 9 manual.  I tried to seal or lock tight everything.  The Saito .82 was another swap meet acquisition and appears to have been used very little.  I mounted an APC 14X6 and test ran it on a safety stand for 15 minutes before going to the field.  I used a weighted spinner on the first flight just to be sure of the CG was very stable and  the X quickly told me it didn’t like the extra 2 oz on the nose.  Great flyer just like the FuntannaS40.  I rarely get off low rates.


Wingspan:  56 in

Length:  56 in

Wing Area:  714 sq in

Weight:  5 lb -11 oz


Engine:  Saito FA-82a

Receiver:  9X 2.4Ghz

Wing Servos:  Tower Pro SG5010

Rudder & Elevator Servos:  EXI Digital Servo D122F

Throttle Servo:    HiTec HS-425BB

Altimeter:  Eagle Tree Altitude MicroSensor V4

Battery:  6 Volt 2200 mah Nimh

Transmitter: FS-TH9X 2.4GHz 9CH with the er9x firmware.

hexTronik Voltage Display