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CG Change – Weight and Balance Calculator:         


Purpose: To determine ballast or component location change for desired CG location.     


1.  Determine the balance point of the fuselage or whole plane relative to the wing leading edge.         

2.  Weigh the fuselage or whole plane.         

3.  Determine the weight and location of items to move or location to add ballast.         

4.  Record data in table below. (all locations a in inches from wing leading edge          

Note: All locations are from wing leading edge, forward (+) positive or aft (-) negative.         


Current fuselage or plane weight:         

Current CG location:         

Desired new CG location:         

Weight of items to move:                     (1st Item            2nd Item         3rd Item         4th Item )    

Current location of items to move:         

New location of items to move:         

Locations to add ballast:

               The form will then calculate:  New CG location

                                                                       Ballast required (at selected location) for desired CG     

Another CG Calculator - CG Change
Download a copy of the CG Change – Weight and Balance Calculator spreadsheet:
          ChangeCG in Excell format
          ChangeCG in OpenOffice format
Also included on the spreadsheet is a Weight and Balance form where you can record the weight and locations of your airplane components and it will calculate the CG.