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Gym 2-12-12 023.AVI

The “Thing”

I joking told my wife to bring me a toy from Wal-Mart. She came home with a two channel Air Hogs Hawkeye RC plane. It is two channel 2.4 Ghz with an on board camera.. Altitude is controlled by throttle and  is difficult to maintain level without porpoising. Steering is controlled by differential engine speed and is not proportional. I had a blast flying it in the gym Sunday and attached a video from the plane. I flew directly into the wall at the end with no damage,


-  Videos
One Day at the Field
Tood Blose’s Bipe at the 10/21/2012 Picnic and Fun Fly
(80 MB MP4 file file = slow download)
Wing Camera on Funtanna 1.3
Funtanna 2 Flameout