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See the Members Only Section for the Official Meeting Minutes - Website Updates/Notes

10/11/2013 Posted Oct minutes, general updates, started Russ’ Hangar,
 9/12/2013 Updated roster, posted Aug and Sep meeting minutes, posted JCF Fun Fly poster, msc updates.
 7/15/2013  Posted July meeting minutes and Denton Swap Meet flyer.
 6/20/2013  Posted June meeting minutes, removed club trainer info, added Denton Swap Meet info.
 6/13/2013  Posted May meeting minutes, for sale listing, field kit info, and event updates.
 5/06/2013  Posted photos of 4/28/2013 Field Flying, updated roster and M.O. access.
 5/04/2013  Moved the Johnson County Flyers website to the WAMAC account to share website hosting expenses.
 4/16/2013  Posted 4/11/2013 Show & Tell photos and meeting minutes.
1/31/2013  Updated Roster, New & Events Section, Posted Jan 27 Indoor Flying Photos, and Posted Photos of Club’s New Electric Trainer.
1/10/2013  Posted January Meeting Show and Tell Photos.  Fixed Members Only access.
1/07/2013  Posted Texarkana Swap Meet Flyer, February Event Calendar, and various updates and link corrections associate with new software upgrade.
12/08 - 12/10/2012  Reloaded Website on new server hosting location.  Hosting renewed to 12/09/2013.
12/03/2012  Updated Events Section, Home page, and related links.
11/28/2012  Updated Christmas party details and calendars.  Posted TCF Swap meet flyer.
11/23/2012 Posted Nov 8, 2012 Meeting Minutes, updated Officer list on Home page.
11/09/2012 Posted Oct 11, 2012 Meeting Minutes, updated Homepage, reformatted roster to downloadable PDF.
11/03/2012 Updated News and Events Section and minor changes to home page.
11/01/2012 Posted Photos from Picnic and Fun Fly and from 8/26/2012.  Updated Links page, Home page, Waco Hobby Stop page, and News/Events Section.
10/17/2012 Posted Sep Meeting Minutes, Club Picnic and other News and Events, new event index page, updates to home page and links.
9/26/2012  Posted Denton club combat meet flyer, deleted old flyers, and updated links.
8/21/2012  Posted Aug 2012 Meeting Minutes, home page update, and corrections to several links.  Home page now has link to AMA page with link to FAA TFRs.
7/13/2012  Posted updates to the roster and new member access.  Updated Home page.  Posted Denton Swap Meet flyer.
7/07/2012  Posted June 2012 Meeting Minutes.
6/21/2012  Began general updates and migration to a wider page format.
6/10/2012  Posted May 2012 Meeting Minutes.
6/02/2012  Miscellaneous updates and fixes to home page, membership info, and News and Events.
5/07/2012  Posted April 2012 Meeting Minutes.
5/03/2012  Posted directions for May meeting.
4/08/2012  Posted March 2012 Meeting Minutes.
2/28/2012  Posted Feb 26 Indoor flying photos and new  events.
2/25/2012  Posted Feb 2012 Meeting Minutes.
2/19/2012  Posted video from indoor flying session and roster updates.
2/03/2012  Posted photos from 1/29/2012 flying at the park, January meeting minutes, and a roster update.
1/13/2012  Posted show and tell photos from club meeting with download links in Photo Gallery, updated Steve’s projects, For Sale section, and fixed some page title errors.